Business and Residential (at our office)

  • Do you need immediate assistance? We offer remote support to both business and residential customers. Get started here.

  • Do you have questions, comments or suggestions? Would you like to schedule an appointment? Call us today at (979) 743-1199 or (877) I.T.SQUAD!

  • Unresponsive programs? Receiving scary error messages? Trouble accessing the internet? Give us a call. We will get you back up and running! This service includes a free PC Update and TuneUp.

  • We will make sure everything on your computer is up-to-date. We will also make suggestions about new software that may be beneficial to the health of your system. This service includes a free PC Tune-Up.

  • Is your computer running too slow? Let us clean the “gunk” that has accumulated over time, and delete all unnecessary and/or obsolete programs to increase the speed and performance of your hard drive.

  • We will cleanse any dust, dander, crumbs, spots, smudges and/or prints (internally and externally) that have accumulated over time on your screen, keyboard, fans, ports and other valuable components.

  • Have you recently purchased a new laptop or desktop computer? Do you need help deciding on the right PC for your needs? We will make recommendations and do a full setup right out of the box (add $50 for full migration of files from your old computer.

  • Is it time to upgrade your operating system? Is your computer having trouble booting correctly? We will (re)install your requested operating system and all necessary programs and updates (add $50 for full migration of files from your previous installation or old hard drive/backup device).

  • Is your current hard drive slowing down or running out of storage space? Would you like to upgrade to a newer hard disk drive (HDD) or much faster solid state drive (SSD)? We will offer recommendations on a new drive – then¬†make an exact copy of your old drive onto the new one.

  • We will install and configure your wired or wireless network and connect all the devices in your home or office.

  • Do you need to extend your wired or wireless network to a separate outbuilding, living area or section of your property? Do you need additional fiber or ethernet cables to be installed to expand the reach of the network at your home or office?

  • Have you recently purchased a new printer? We will set it up for you right out of the box and connect your devices to it.

  • Are you concerned about your computer crashing and losing your valuable data? We will safely backup your hard drive locally and/or to the cloud (flash drives, external hard drives, backup software and subscriptions are not included, but are available upon request).

  • Do you want to learn more about computers, mobile devices, specific programs, cloud applications, etc.? Need help with Windows 10 or a new device? Make an appointment to visit with us one-on-one or as a group training at your home or office.

  • If you are unable to drop off your computer at our place of business, we would be glad to pick it up from your home or office then return it upon completing all service work (charge applied separately for pickup and delivery).

  • Available in any amount upon request.

Business (at your office)

  • Do you need an on-call technician to set up, maintain and/or administer your office network, PC’s and printers? We are here to help.

  • Do you need help setting up, maintaining and/or administering office servers, network attached storage devices (NAS), surveillance cameras, VOIP phones, etc.? Call us today at (979) 743-1199 or (877) I.T.SQUAD!

Residential (at your home)

  • We will install or repair computers, printers, networks, and peripherals at your home or home away from home.